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Newtown Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Everyone likes to feel trendy from time to time. Discovering that hip and cool place that in 6 months has all your friends raving – just so you can say, 'I went here before it was cool'. Maybe we also just want to reclaim our youth – and hey, there's nothing wrong with that. So if you happen to find yourself in Sydney, there is really only one suburb that is right for you – Newtown.

Synonymous with hipsters, uni students and activists, Newtown has defined what is cool for generations. From fashion to bars, restaurants to galleries, there is always an undiscovered gem in the heart of the inner west. Whether you find it on a side alley or down King Street itself, you can be sure that it'll be on point.

Let's get the important things out of the way…

What does one eat in Newtown? Ask any helpful uni student (yes, they do exist) and they'll simply say, 'Thai!' Newtown is home to a whopping 20+ Thai restaurants, so much so the suburb has unofficially gone by the moniker 'Thai City' for many years. Think Green Curries, Pad Thais and the infamously spicy Tom Yum soup, there is every type of Thai restaurant to cater to all budgets.

From the plain and simple Thai La Ong to the upscale, date-night venue of Thai Pothong, it is literally impossible for you to not find a Thai joint that will suit you. Uni (re: cheap and cheerful tip) – visit one of these fine establishments during lunch hour for the $7 special. If you get into a conversation with an older uni student, they might bemoan the days when it was $6 – but there is no denying that is a great deal for a whole lot of scrumptious Thai food.

Want to catch the latest indie flick from the Festival Circuit?

Look no further than the Dendy. For 30 years, the Dendy has been a centrepiece of Australian film culture that prides itself on distributing independent and alternative movies that are thought-provoking and of the highest quality in terms of cinematic artistry. Bonus – it might be independent, but that doesn't mean it has to cost an arm and a leg with regular specials for members and students.

Feeling a little old-fashioned?

I mean we all know we can get virtually any book on Amazon for a variety of e-readers, but sometimes there is nothing like browsing an actual bookstore, searching for that hidden novel. And who doesn't love the feel of paperback between your fingertips. Then look no further than Gould's Book Arcade, operating for over half a century. It might be family-run and beloved by locals, but don't think for one second that this establishment is small. Giant walls of bookshelves tower to the ceiling while every nook and cranny has a good read snuck away just waiting to be found. Used books or remaindered, out-of-print or exceedingly rare – if you've tried searching other stores in vain, chances are you will find it here. Check out the website to search for the books you desire in advance or just head on down and experience the joys of browsing for hours.

That was super tiring…

Good thing your accommodation was within walking distance (and a quick scamper across King Street). But before heading home, it was definitely time for a refreshing drink. So want to channel your inner youth and feel like a college student again? Here's the recipe. Step 1: head to Kuleto's for Happy Hour 2-for-1 cocktails. A chill vibe and a Hemingway Daquiri while you pontificate over the meaning of, let's say, The Old Man and the Sea. Step 2: hit up Marly Bar (that's the Marlborough Hotel) for the rest of the night. It's that simple! Ah to be 18 again.

Spend Less, Do More

Your Cheaperthanhotels Team

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