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Maroubra Guide – Spend Less, Do More

There's nothing quite like an Australian beach. Rolling waves, sun-drenched coastline, and beautiful people – it really is a picture pulled right out of paradise. But inevitably reality can hit when 1,000s of tourists have the exact same idea as you. Bondi Beach knows this phenomenon too well, which may have you losing hope of finding a 'real' Australian beach without the crowds. Never fear, the suburb of Maroubra is here!

An easy drive to from Bondi, its proximity is its hidden weapon as the tourists get swallowed up by its more famous neighbour. But with the three aforementioned characteristics of any classic Australian beach, this suburb will make your holiday one to remember! Let's take a deeper dive (pun very much intended) into the Eastern Suburb of Maroubra!

Enough talking. The first thing you'll want to do is catch a wave…

After all, Maroubra is THE surfing hotspot on the Australian East Coast. Indeed, the word 'Maroubra' means 'place of thunder' in the local indigenous language, reflecting the ferocity of the waves as they crash into the shore. With a solid swell year-round, it's no wonder that surfers love the stretch of sand known simply as Maroubra Beach. You might think with conditions that good, you'll be hard-pressed to find a patch of vacant sand for your towel. But don't worry – Maroubra really is a local's beach, with tourists flocking to nearby Coogee and Bondi beaches, leaving you with plenty of room. Not so confident on the board? Not to worry – you can easily find a helpful surf instructor at Australia's second National Surfing Reserve.

If you're feeling like you swimming skills could use an improvement before plunging headfirst into the swell, Maroubra beach has you covered. Mahon Pool is approximately 300 metres north of the main stretch of sand. This oceanfront, saltwater pool is popular with the locals, providing a soothing place to swim while enjoying the majesty of waves crashing against the side of the surrounding rocks. Rocky outcrops on higher ground also make a perfect spot to dry off and soak in some of the sun's rays (but be warned, there isn't a sun quite like the Australian sun, so be sure to slip, slop, slap to protect yourself).

To keep the outdoor activities going…

And to make sure the little ones burn off the excess energy, Maroubra has the place for you. Heffron Pedal Park has all the fun of riding on a proper road…without any of the risks. Lanes, traffic lights, and stop signs mark out this mini collection of roads to help teach kids about road rules and safety in a secure environment. No matter whether your child is hopping on the bike for the first time or an experienced rider, they're bound to enjoy this facility. Fun fact: the name was decided by 7-year old local Marley Lang after winning a 2013 naming competition.

Foodies and bloggers need not worry

After all, there are only so many beach pics you can cram onto your feed. Luckily Maroubra has plenty of 'grammable' eateries for your enjoyment. Not content to merely stand-still, the cafes are as dynamic and turbulent as the waves crashing into the shore. The Bay Bakehouse has survived 40 years by shifting with the tide and adapting to new tastes and preferences. From feeding Maroubra's working-class roots with quality meat pies, to light Vietnamese fare for the health-conscious families that now reside in this charming beachside suburb.

Another spot that is bound to be loved by your camera is Kokoroya, home of authentic fine dining, Japanese-style. The Chirashi is the dish you will want to scour the menu for – a mixture of cut raw fish over sushi rice – the colours alone will pop on your Instagram feed!

Spend Less, Do More

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