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Brighton-Le-Sands Guide – Spend Less, Do More

It might have felt like days (and depending on your flight's origin, it may well have been), but you finally landed in Sydney on the Great Southern Continent. Your legs were feeling stiff after such a long journey and your first instinct was to run as far away from planes as you possible could. But we're here to tell you to stop and take a breath, because there's a gem of a suburb just a few clicks away (that's Aussie slang for kilometres). Welcome to Brighton-Le-Sands!

It might sound posh to tourists, but it is positively down to earth with friendly locals and classic Aussie beaches. Adjacent to Botany Bay, the site where Captain Cook first landed in Australia and later where the First Fleet initially arrived, Brighton-Le-Sands is as good a place as any to begin your Australian adventure. Let's take a deeper dive into this suburb by the bay.

Your plane probably flew right over the bay as it landed

Which struck up a yearning to visit and immerse yourself in the crisp, blue waters. Start with the perennial favourite, Lady Robinsons Beach, formerly known as Seven Mile Beach. Naturally, as a beach, it is 100 per cent FREE (a word we always love to hear) and picturesque with the still expanse of water over the bay. As a bay beach, the water is perfect for the little ones to swim or else they can frolic in the playground, before sitting down to a well-crafted packed lunch on the picnic rug. Pro tip - the extensive promenade, for those who don't like sand between their toes, is the ideal locale for jogging and cycling.

And if you like some history to go along with your geographical exploration…

We have just the thing for you – Bicentennial Monument. Also known as the First Fleet Monument, this site was constructed in 1988 and lists the names of all the settlers who arrived in 1788. The sails sculpture and the flanking cannons complete the ensemble beautifully for any colonial history buff. Crafted from bronze, it will set your imagination alight as you stare out to sea, envisioning what it must have be like to arrive at Botany Bay during the late 18th Century.

There's no chance of going hungry in Brighton-Le-Sands…

Courtesy of the abundance of Mediterranean cuisine. Start at the classic Café Neptune, started by the Kazzi brothers, for flavors of the sea with a distinctly Aussie-twist. Think calamari rings, garlic prawns, grilled octopus or Cajun Barramundi. Accompany it with a traditional Greek salad or some lamb & haloumi - it's safe to say you won't go hungry again!

And if it's time to start your evening festivities…

Then there's no better place than Bar Lvl Three at the Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach. Perfect for happy hour with some colleagues or friends, this light, airy space is beloved by locals for its chill vibes and quality beverages.

But if there are a few more in your party (think a couple of 100 of your closest friends for a wedding), then you have to try The Grand Roxy – Brighton-Le-Sands award winning reception venue! Catering to both Greek and English speaking crowds, there is never a knife or fork out of place with this superbly run team dedicated to making your special day run smoothly. Sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your guests as The Grand Roxy staff takes care of all the nitty and gritty details. Worried about cost? Don't be – The Grand Roxy prides itself on all-inclusive pricing packages that are completely transparent with no hidden fees. Plus – you'll have plenty of savings in your figurative back pocket, courtesy of how cheap you got your accommodation!

Spend Less, Do More

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